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Based on 29 reviews
Cupcake body oil

Amazing hydrating oil! I had really bad calluses on my feet from wrestling and muy thai. I started using this oil and my feet finally became soft and not manly anymore! The same with my knees and arms. They’re finally soft and my body smells amazing!!! I love it and definitely buying again!

Thee Best!

This is the best serum I have ever used. I love how it hydrates my skin without feeling greasy and it doesn't break me out. (I have super sensitive skin!) Love this product!!! <3

Beautiful Skin Serum
Mikal Miller
I love my Beautiful Skin

I have been using YaaDaa’s Beautiful Skin ever since I can remember. My scarring is gone & my acne and skin have done a complete 180!

Herbal Soak

There is definitely a God in Heaven! This Herbal Soak is proof of that! This stuff smells so dang good and it totally relaxes me and calms me down. So glad I learned of the benefits. LOVE THIS STUFF!!!


This product is amazing! It's helped with not only growth but it leaves your beard looking healthy, smelling amazing and I no longer feel itchy while it's growing out. I'll even use it if my beard is trimmed lower just because my face feels and looks healthier! 10/10! Highly recommended!

Men, get this scrub!

Ok, this is up for all the men. Please go out and get this body scrub that hydrates your skin like no other. I've been using YaaDaa's body scrub for the past two months and it is doing well with my skin and my lady loves it. I don't come to bed ashy, it hydrates so great that I stopped using lotion. I recommend every man to get it and you will love it. I promise!

Patchouli Blend Oil Roll-on

Not a day starts without YaaDaa’s Patchouli oil. Sets the mood for the day. All of their products are amazing! The wife and I are hooked.

Anti Aging Serum

I’ve been using the anti aging serum for months and I absolutely LOVE it! I’ve noticed a tremendous difference in my skin texture and hydration. Thank you for this product!
Also the best customer service I’ve experienced!

Body Butter
Crystal Powell
Love It!

This Body Butter is FANTASTIC!!! I love how smooth it makes my skin feel and my husband can’t keep his hands off my skin. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. We’re not!

Best product!!

I have been using this serum for a few weeks now and have seen a world of difference. This is by far the best eyelash product I have used! My lashes are stronger, more lifted, and longer than ever. I would 110 percent recommend!!

Eyelash Growth Serum
Alexis Latham

I absolutely LOVE the products at YaaDaa Beauty!!! The eyelash serum is AMAZING, and I’ve never had any kind of problem from using it! It’s easy to apply, doesn’t leave my eyelashes feeling oily or like something is stuck on them, and doesn’t cause irritation in my eyes! When I was using it consistently, I noticed a significant change in the length of my eyelashes! My lashes were stronger/thicker, and I noticed that they fell out less!

I also HIGHLY recommend using the organic sugar scrub!!!! That stuff is AMAZING, and you’ll NEVER need lotion EVER again!!!!!!

Hair Growth Oil
Donna Dean
Hair growth products

Absolutely love the hair growth. I have dry and itchy scalp in the fall and the hair growth took away the itchy scalp immediately after one use. It also makes my hair super soft! The smell is divine as well. A must have!

Extraordinary Product!!! 🌸

I finally found an effective, all natural product for textured hair, that does not break the bank! This product has helped to restore the density in my hair follicles within a matter of a few weeks of daily use. The scent is natural and the fragrant jasmine flower is so beneficial to our scalp and roots. Thank you Yaadaa Beauty for a superior product!

Anti Aging Serum

This anti-aging serum is the best product Ive ever tried for my face it leaves my face looking fresh and young

Beautiful Skin Serum
Keaton Jones

Best product I ever used for my face, I stopped using in-store products and only used Beautiful skin after I get out the shower and it cleared up a lot of my acne and increased shine in my skin! I love this product!! THANK YOU!

Love It!

The Anti-aging oil has an amazing fragrance, easy to apply and makes my skin feel so soft and smooth!

Body Oil
De Kwanzaa Wynn
Great Products

The Body and Hair Oil are great. I use them daily and have nothing to complain about. My skin and hair are better than they’ve been in years. I am glad I found YaaDaa!!!

Hair Growth Oil
Madison Sherow
Great Product!!

The smell of this oil is so great, my hair has showed so much improvement since I have started using this product!

Body Oil
Madison Sherow

This is the first product that I have tried from this company. I have implemented this product in my daily routine (one of only two products) and have seen so much improvement in my skin! I 100% recommend this product you’ll be hooked!


This Soft Life…

❤️Ok, for all of the bath salt connoisseurs out there, you are at your final bath stop! This is thee greatest bath salt I have ever used. AND, it’s organic and full of minerals. I used to use it after my workout to replenish the minerals in my body but then decided to use it to relax as well. I LOVE the smell and it is crazy soft on my skin. Even greater, My kids love it and it’s an incentive for them to go to bed at night. (It absolutely calms them down.)
Thank you!

Body Oil
Healing Body Oil!

The Body Oil is where my Skin Health Journey started with YaaDaa Beauty, and I have never turned back!!! This lightweight Body Oil has helped me with my skin conditions of rosacea and eczema. I never knew my skin could look so fresh and smooth without irritations and redness! I am truly grateful for this product and YaaDaa for creating it! Thank you!

No Breakouts Allowed!

With the Beautiful Skin Serum, I have found my defense against hormonal breakouts! I love how it is light weight and nourishes my skin while preventing and fighting breakouts! Definitely a must have in my daily skin regimen! The fragrances is quite pleasing as well! I love it!!!

You Will Never Guess My Age!!!

That's right! Since I've been using the Anti Aging Serum, my wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness have diminished. I'm looking younger daily! The best part is my skin is sooooooo sensationally soft, and I absolutely love the beautiful fragrance! Thank you YaaDaa!!

Great Product

When I started using the oil, my beard was patchy. After using it for 3 months, my patchiness has now gone away. The best beard growth oil I’ve ever used!